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EliteFill has state-of-the-art tube filling equipment and a huge variety of shapes and sizes of tubes for your cosmetic packaging needs.

Tube packaging is commonly used for day and night creams and gels, toners, and face masks.  Some tube packaging forms include:

Airless cosmetic tube packaging

Is a very popular, non-pressurized, tamper-proof dispenser with a mechanically-activated pump that results in no air intake.

Green tubes

Environmentally-friendly tube packaging to assuage consumers and manufacturers who favor eco-based products. Green makeup packaging is becoming extremely popular among consumers, and for good reason.  EliteFill is very conscious of its environmental footprint and fully supports clients who prefer this option.

Lip gloss tubes

Is a simple round tube that has a round tip head. When the tube is squeezed, the contents slowly flow out.  It’s very common for eye creams and liquid cosmetics whereby a manageable dose can be expected with every application

Extruded Plastic Tubes

These forms are best for cosmetic tubes suited to premium personal care products that also require stylish packaging for retail shelves. Some products require a high barrier of protection from oxygen and retention of other active ingredients whether for food, sunscreen or organic creams thereby extending the shelf life of your product.

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