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Component Filling

For Clients Needing Cans, Jars, and Bottle Fill Packaging Supply and Fill Capability, we have what you need!

Our packaging integration capabilities range from liquid and dry blending to filling manufactured components. We fill bottles, jars, bags, containers, squeeze tubes, super sacks, packets, and stick packs and assemble them into retail boxes and displays if you so wish. We can also apply pressure sensitive labeling for bottles, jars, containers, and tubes. Printed shrink labeling and component screen printing is also available. EliteFill can handle all of your packaging, fill, and assembly needs

EliteFill has a huge variety of cosmetic packaging product solutions that are ideal for any cosmetics company looking for innovative, integrated custom packaging in all shapes and sizes. In the competitive world of beauty products, it’s especially important that your products have “shelf appeal”, especially since many customers are swayed by package design as well as the very functionality of the product. Elite Fill’s cosmetic container and design concepts are the perfect tools to help you create appealing packaging that is anything but pedestrian.  From fill to fulfillment, where function meets Fashion.

Cans, jars, and bottles are probably the most useful type of containers for cosmetic and bath product packaging. Elite Fill offers every possible kind of container for cosmetic packaging and filling. Plastic bottles are extremely versatile, and we have a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. We have plastic bath containers made of ecologically sound, P.E.T. plastic. These cosmetics containers come with screw-on caps, pumps and spray tops for moisturizers and sprays.  All of our package and fill processes follow rigid QC standards backed up by our customer satisfaction guarantee.

Affordable Packaging Products

EliteFill is committed to providing you with high-value packaging products, and professional cosmetic filling capabilities with the most affordable prices possible for all of your cosmetic packaging and fill projects.

If you need cosmetics and bath products packaged in containers, or any other type of packaging material, look no further than EliteFill. If you need help navigating our wide selection, contact us at your earliest convenience. We have many years of experience supplying packaging products for top name cosmetic industry icons and companies. Your brand can’t be elite without Elite Fill handling your packaging, fill, and fulfillment needs!

We provide the following cosmetic packaging options with state-of-the-art filling equipment to handle any job:

  • Glass and plastic jars of all sizes and shapes, custom made to your specs
  • Cosmetic tubes of all sizes and applications
  • Custom boxes die cut and designed for your brand with your specs
  • Stick packettes for samples and full-scale production runs
  • Fine Mist Sprayers, Lotions and Fragrance Pumps
  • Bottles plastic and glass,
  • Airless Bottles (PETG, PMMA, SAN, PP)
  • Lotion-filled (PET, PE, PP, PMA, SAN, Aluminum)

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