Stick packs are extremely convenient, tube-shaped containers created from paper or film and sealed at both ends and are ideal for single applications of gels or powders for various cosmetic products, Stick packs are an ideal solution for makeup packaging samples or even travel-sized options that limits the amounts of liquids and gels that can be carried onto a plane.

EliteFill’s stick packs are an economical alternative to bulkier cosmetic packaging forms and can be designed as you wish. Stick Packs are easy to store, open and use, and provide less risk of spillage.

Stick packs typically utilize much less material and packaging content than larger portion packets, making them more environmentally friendly and less wasteful. Elite Fill can produce stick packs in an unlimited variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations to meet any product requirement.

No job is too big and we offer a broad range of solutions for all of your trial and sample packaging requirements.  Please contact us for more information regarding our cosmetic stick pack and single serve packaging options.

EliteFill specializes in Vertical Form Fill and Seal packaging applications, including sealed pouches (sachets) for powders, granules and similar materials.

The benefits to using powder pouches are many-fold.  In fact, plastic pouch or sachet packaging is one of the safest ways to package powdered or liquid cosmetics, in sample or multi-dose quantities.  They are flexible, lightweight, easy to store, and take a second to close with grip seal closures for repeated use. Multi-laminate pouches are also extremely durable and waterproof which makes them perfect for storing in cold or warm climates for long periods of time.

For companies looking for an economical way to ship their powdered product, pouch/sachet packaging is by far your best choice.  Most companies that offer supplements in bulk, utilize pouch packaging as a cost-effective shipping practice.

Pouch packaging can be hung on retail displays, or we can provide pouches that standup on their own based on your specifications.  Pouch packaging is the perfect canvas for design and branding concepts that help a product jump off the shelf in a retail environment or to impress in a sampling or giveaway campaign that utilizes single-servings.  Labels are easily applied and with different sizes, types, formats, and colors, they can be custom made to suit your requirements.

Our packaging integration capabilities range from liquid and dry blending to filling manufactured components. We fill bottles, jars, bags, containers, squeeze tubes, super sacks, packets, and stick packs and assemble them into retail boxes and displays if you so wish. We can also apply pressure sensitive labeling for bottles, jars, containers, and tubes. Printed shrink labeling and component screen printing is also available. EliteFill can handle all of your packaging, fill, and assembly needs

EliteFill has a huge variety of cosmetic packaging product solutions that are ideal for any cosmetics company looking for innovative, integrated custom packaging in all shapes and sizes. In the competitive world of beauty products, it’s especially important that your products have “shelf appeal”, especially since many customers are swayed by package design as well as the very functionality of the product. Elite Fill’s cosmetic container and design concepts are the perfect tools to help you create appealing packaging that is anything but pedestrian.  From fill to fulfillment, where function meets Fashion.

Cans, jars, and bottles are probably the most useful type of containers for cosmetic and bath product packaging. Elite Fill offers every possible kind of container for cosmetic packaging and filling. Plastic bottles are extremely versatile, and we have a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. We have plastic bath containers made of ecologically sound, P.E.T. plastic. These cosmetics containers come with screw-on caps, pumps and spray tops for moisturizers and sprays.  All of our package and fill processes follow rigid QC standards backed up by our customer satisfaction guarantee.

Affordable Packaging Products

EliteFill is committed to providing you with high-value packaging products, and professional cosmetic filling capabilities with the most affordable prices possible for all of your cosmetic packaging and fill projects.

If you need cosmetics and bath products packaged in containers, or any other type of packaging material, look no further than EliteFill. If you need help navigating our wide selection, contact us at your earliest convenience. We have many years of experience supplying packaging products for top name cosmetic industry icons and companies. Your brand can’t be elite without Elite Fill handling your packaging, fill, and fulfillment needs!

We provide the following cosmetic packaging options with state-of-the-art filling equipment to handle any job:

  • Glass and plastic jars of all sizes and shapes, custom made to your specs
  • Cosmetic tubes of all sizes and applications
  • Custom boxes die cut and designed for your brand with your specs
  • Stick packettes for samples and full-scale production runs
  • Fine Mist Sprayers, Lotions and Fragrance Pumps
  • Bottles plastic and glass,
  • Airless Bottles (PETG, PMMA, SAN, PP)
  • Lotion-filled (PET, PE, PP, PMA, SAN, Aluminum)

Tube packaging is commonly used for day and night creams and gels, toners, and face masks.  Some tube packaging forms include:

Airless cosmetic tube packaging

Is a very popular, non-pressurized, tamper-proof dispenser with a mechanically-activated pump that results in no air intake.

Green tubes

Environmentally-friendly tube packaging to assuage consumers and manufacturers who favor eco-based products. Green makeup packaging is becoming extremely popular among consumers, and for good reason.  EliteFill is very conscious of its environmental footprint and fully supports clients who prefer this option.

Lip gloss tubes

Is a simple round tube that has a round tip head. When the tube is squeezed, the contents slowly flow out.  It’s very common for eye creams and liquid cosmetics whereby a manageable dose can be expected with every application

Extruded Plastic Tubes

These forms are best for cosmetic tubes suited to premium personal care products that also require stylish packaging for retail shelves. Some products require a high barrier of protection from oxygen and retention of other active ingredients whether for food, sunscreen or organic creams thereby extending the shelf life of your product.