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Powder, Lotion & Gel Stick Packs

Stick packs are portable, slender package types that are sealed at both ends.  

Portable packages are gaining in popularity day by day.  Stick packaging packs, & packettes are utilized for a number of different purposes and their convenience and portability is unparalleled. Additionally, this kind of packaging has an environmentally soft footprint that appeals to many brands and consumers because it uses far less materials than most other kinds of packaging.

You see them used for travel products, drink products, powdered and granulated products like vitamin c boosts, energy mixes, sample or single-serving products, as well as single dose products for pharmaceuticals.  

Stick Packs and Stick Packettes offer a slim design that is far more appealing than that of many conventional pillow pouch packets. Due to the narrow tipped, tubular configuration, spillage is less likely than with other package types.

Our stick packs are sealed at both ends and run on a custom vertical FFS filling machine hence they have a seam that runs down the length of each package.

The film materials used for stick package applications includes PET, MET PET or PPFP (paper/foil-poly/foil) or even paper constructs.  Die lines for the film used for stick packs are unique and we can handle virtually any particular specifications you require as all operations are based on the versatile filling machines we employ. Film for stick packs can be printed or unprinted.  Our customers can provide the artwork or we can handle it for you. We have a wide variety of options to meet any size, fill volume, handling or design requirements. We are truly a one-stop-shop for all of your stick pack & packet packaging needs.

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