EliteFill™ provides a wide range of solutions for stick pack and stick packette packaging. Stick packs are elongated, tube shaped paper or film packets that are sealed across and at both ends.

Typically, stick packs and packettes are used for single servings of powders or similar contents, but they are also convenient options for a variety of products and fill types. Stick packs are small and easy to handle, making them perfect for travel products, drink products and sample or single serving products as well. Stick packs and packettes are also very popular for single dose products for pharmaceuticals.

Stick packages are made from paper or plastic (produced using flexible film), and the “form-fill-seal” method of packaging, which is utilized for a wide array of powders and granulated products. Stick Packs and Stick Packettes offer a slick design that is far more appealing than that of many conventional pillow pouch packets. They also offer practical advantages including ease of opening and use without spillage, since dispensing the product from a stick pack is facilitated by its narrow, tubular shape.

Stick Packs and Stick Packettes are also friendlier to the environment as they typically utilize half the paper or packaging content as that of regular portion packets.

EliteFill™ can provides an array of custom solutions, shapes and sizes and offers solutions to meet any diverse requirements in size, fill volume and various handling specifications.