Elite Fill is one of the nutraceutical industries top providers of high-quality, cost-effective vitamin and tablet packaging with a global reputation for excellence.  Attention to detail, quality, and design is what sets us apart from our competitors, most of whom are in China where quality control, management, and logistics can be problematic. Our factories are predominantly US-based to provide our customers with better service, better product, and peace of mind.  

Elite Fill specializes in the providing and filling the following kinds of nutraceutical  vitamin and tablet pack styles:

Blister Cards

We can custom design or provide you with a wide variety of standard blister card configurations based on your needs. You choose the quantity of product in each blister, and we deliver to your specification every time.

Vitamin Packs

The daily vitamin pack is becoming more and more popular due to its innate effectiveness at portioning out a days worth of supplements and keeping them shelf fresh for long periods of time.  Our FDA compliant, 307,000 sq. foot facility is capable of putting out an enormous volume of vitamin packs for even the largest orders.  At Elite Fill facilities, we work with a full line of disc counters that are used to count, feed, and fill tablets, gels and capsules with expert precision all the time, every time.

Registered Packs

Registered Packs are preprinted film seen commonly at counters and in point-of-purchase displays. These are colorfully branded packages that are perfect for lozenges, capsules, tablets, softgels, and other solid dose products. Registered packs generally have a hanger hole and are usually displayed one behind the other in horizontal fashion.  Please inquire about our wide selection of available film types.