The nutraceutical industry is incredibly competitive.  Aside from having an effective product, one that delivers on its claims, you also have to have nutraceutical packaging that has terrific design sensibilities, is cost-effective, and highly-functional as well.  The impact your supplement packaging has to have can never be understated.  Whether you have a supplement line, diet product, herbal or homeopathic brand, or other health and fitness related food products, your packaging has to pop.  Elite Fill can handle your needs from A-Z.

EliteFill™ offers a huge variety of creative packaging solutions for vitamins, tablets, and gels. Whether you need blister packs, liquid/gel/powder sachets, stick packs, single-dose or multi-dose packaging, we have you covered from design, to package type, to fill.

Blister packaging is a popular, cost-effective, tamper-proof means of effectively displaying nutraceuticals. With a wide variety of colors and finishes, blister packs are the perfect way to promote your product line or brand. Stick packs and packettes are smaller, more convenient, and typically used for single dose products, powders, or pharmaceuticals.

Sample packettes are ideal for multivitamins, nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and much more. By using far less material and resources,  EliteFill™ sample packettes are also more environmentally friendly than regular portion packaging.

In addition to full lines of PET and HDPE round vitamin packers, we also offer families of oblongs, stress-style packers, indented label packers, apothecary packers and large canisters ranging in size from 30cc to 1.6 gallons. Our packaging includes many sizes and styles ideal for traditional tablets and capsules, but we also make wide-mouth bottles to accommodate powders, gummies and other chewable supplements.

Many nutraceutical companies offer a sampling program to generate interest. Not only do we have a wide variety of sample packaging available, but we also have the machines to fill any order. Custom package design is also available and is just a phone call or email away.  EliteFill’s packaging experts are here to guide you through a myriad of options that will help differentiate your product from the competitions.