EliteFill™ has a huge variety of sample packaging and single-serve packaging available for any industry.  Single-serve and miniaturized packaging is extremely popular now, especially for health and beauty products. Consumer lifestyles are driving the trend toward smaller packs, for a number of reasons. With health and wellness motivating more consumers, portion & calorie control, and nutrition are also are driving sales of single-serve foods and beverages, hence, the need for such packaging and the facilities to fill it.  EliteFill™ is uniquely positioned to handle this new and growing demand. EliteFill™ utilizes state-of-the-art packaging equipment to provide custom packaging for a wide variety of products across a number of verticals including Health & Beauty, Supplement & Nutrition, as well as Personal Hygiene.

Traveling via air with health and beauty products means that you must carry packaging in smaller size and volume, not only for convenience, but to meet TSA regulations which require mini personal-care packaging for air travelers with carry-on luggage.  

From a sampling and retailing standpoint, single-serve, and sample packets are a terrific way to present your powdered, gel, and liquid products in a cost-effective, efficient, and popular way.  You provide the order, we provide the packaging and the design if so desired.  We will also fill and deliver the product to your preferred destination according to your specifications.