EliteFill™ provides a full-range of innovative, high-quality, plastic tube filling and packaging solutions for all of your plastic tube filling needs. If you have a new or established brand, you know how important packaging is to help your product stand out. Shelf appeal is an extremely high priority and we at Elite Fill understand the challenge, and we’re up for it.  Not only do we provide the tubes and fill the product, but we can design the packaging as well.  At Elite Fill, we take pride in creating innovative new custom tube designs to meet the needs of our customers who prefer incredible packaging that pops.  After all, having a high degree of shelf appeal is the Holy Grail of package design in any product category.  Not everyone needs a fully customized solution.  Naturally, we also offer a wide variety of standard, reliable, tube packaging options to complement our industry-leading filling and labeling operations.

With Elite Fills tube labeling automation (both automatic and semi-automatic), you gain precise label placement and rapid application speeds to complete orders on time, every time.  With our heavy emphasis on quality control, rest assured that your labels will be precisely applied every time.

As a provider of sample-size packaging for sample programs worldwide, we have the ability to handle a full-spectrum of tube sizes from small .5 ounce tubes, to a much larger 4 ounces. Perfect for creams, gels, cosmetic and personal care products, we offer the widest selection of functional and beautiful tube solutions anywhere, and have a wealth of expertise with the complexities of filling and labeling with precision and consistency.

As part of an extremely robust solution, Elite Fill will handle all your needs from primary package design, to fill, to boxing and shipping.  We have production facilities in California, Arizona and Texas, which substantially reduces our clients shipping costs while increasing ROI.