EliteFill™ specializes in cosmetic jar filling and jar sample packaging. Perfect for both cosmetic gels, creams and other applications, jars and containers are the quintessential cosmetic packaging solution for a number of different kinds of products. We package and fill anti-aging creams, skin care creams, acne medication, personal hygiene and beauty products, pain relief creams, and much more.

Our jar filling machines are high-performance servo-driven, multi-format machines for cream filling, aluminum foil heat-sealing, plastic lid fitting and capping for cosmetic cream, and cosmetic gel jars. We offer a wide variety of jar sizes and colors to suit your production needs.

Our filling technology provides:

  • State=of-the-art dosing accuracy and filling optimization
  • Automatic dose change
  • Jar rotation for even spread of gels and creams
  • Quick bottom-up filling of the jars to prevent air occlusions
  • A wide range of viscosities available
  • Optimized cap screwing torque control for ease of use

We utilize dust removers with powerful blowing and powerful suction capability to help optimize prophylaxis and keep the product sanitary.

Our jar filling and capping equipment can handle a wide variety of jar shapes and sizes (round, oval, square, small or large, etc. and we offer a great selection of colors as well.

EliteFill™ is a premier resource for your complete packaging project, providing both fill and labeling services for virtually any product, jar, or order size. With years of experience with liquid, cream, gel and cosmetic filling, we provide the industries most reliable and efficient jar filling technology, expertise, and service!