EliteFill™offers customers an array of food and beverage packaging, products and services.  If your packaging requirement is for a hot fill product, ambient or cold fill application, we have a number of options available. Hot-fill is a common process for liquid sampling that eliminates the need for preservatives and other chemicals by sterilizing the product prior to being poured into the vessel of choice. This process increases the shelf-life of the product such as a sports drink, fruit juice or flavored water. A vacuum is created after filling, and because of the high-temperatures of the liquid, a durable bottle is always required. Basically, the liquid is pasteurized and heated to between 190 – 203 F (or 90 – 95 C) in a heat exchanger for at least 15 – 30 seconds. This process typically kills all microorganisms in the liquid.

Cold-fill is a filling process used for products such as milk, sports drinks, and fresh juices as well, using containers that don’t chemically interfere with the desired taste of the product. The liquid is cooled to around 180 – 185 F (82 – 85 C) and filled accordingly. In some cases, nitrogen is introduced into the empty space between the liquid and the brim to remove oxygen in order to avoid oxidation. The closure is then applied immediately after to prevent contamination. This process will sterilize the inner surface of the container.

EliteFill™ has years of experience at both Hot Fill and Cold Fill applications, as well as Flash Pasteurization techniques, and utilizes state-of-the-art filling technology thereby allowing you to offer modern sampling packaging for your liquids and juice products without loss of quality, taste or flavoring.