At EliteFill™, we are a one-stop-shop for all of your package and fill needs.  We take particular pride in our creative design capabilities, and customizable packaging solutions that create successful sampling and full run campaigns. Spotlighting that creativity is our foil-laminate packet program.  These colorful packages are a premium packaging concept with the “sky as the limit” from a design standpoint.  Foil laminate packaging has a higher perceived value than many other forms of sample packaging, and provides your brand with that extra degree of credibility and zing.  

Custom die-cut foil laminate packaging is perfect for liquids, gels, and UV sensitive products such as skin care or sunblock products. We can die-cut foil laminates into bottle shapes, tube shapes, or any other custom shape or size you have in mind.  Another option is to let our experienced design professionals come up with a package concept that very well may exceed your wildest expectations.

Custom die cut sample packaging and foil packets are often higher in perceived value. They are also perfect for liquid, gel and light/UV-sensitive products like skin care or sun care products. Whether intended to resemble a bottle, tube or other custom design, EliteFill™ can provide cost-effective custom die cutting for your sample packaging program.